A New Year

One of my New Year Resolutions for 2012 was to finish a 365 blog and today I’m proud to say that I made it!  It was definitely a test of perseverance, but well worth it!   I’ve learned so much about my camera and photography.  I love all the precious memories that have been captured this year. I’ve spent the day thinking about what I might do for next year and I’ve decided to continue with this photo blog, but with a Project 52 for the year of 2013. Some weeks I will post a collage of themed photos, and some weeks I will have a single photo for the week.  Thanks for those of you that have followed along this year and encouraged me to keep going strong. Many blessing to you and your families in the Year 2013!

December 31 365

Birthday Dinner

We celebrated Uncle Russell’s Birthday tonight at Texas Roadhouse.  To keep Zachary occupied while we waited for the food we gave him one of our lemons.  He then insisted on dipping the lemon in horseradish sauce.  He seemed to love it.  Crazy kid!December 27 2 365